As an award-winning communications practitioner, Sheri is passionate about solving the communications, PR and marketing challenges for her association, corporate and government clients.

Since 2002 Sheri's firm, Singer Communications, has provided strategic communications, digital media strategy, messaging, advocacy, branding, media relations and training, market research, and content development for a wide variety of clients including healthcare, education, women's issues, global concerns, construction, real estate, finance, and transportation.



Before starting her firm she was a senior executive with top PR agencies (Ketchum PR) with Fortune 500 clients. She started her career with associations and she spent 12 years in senior positions including serving as the #2 in her last association staff post.

She is Vice Chair of the American Society of Association Executive's Healthcare Community Committee--part of ASAE's leadership. She is a founding member of the Public Relations Society of America's National Capital Chapter's Independent PR Alliance, and served on IPRA's board for 14 years including as chair; and on PRSA-NCC's board for five years. 

She speaks about 10 times a year at national and regional venues and webinars. She writes, blogs and produces videos on communication topics for a variety of publications and online outlets. 

Sheri holds a B.A. from the Univ. of Maryland College Park and has more than 20 graduate credits.






It used to be so bad.

“I wished we had called Sheri earlier.  It used to be so bad that our own members were starting to lose faith that we knew what we were doing.  After Sheri was done with us, we had a national campaign that not only boosted our membership roster, it renewed all of us.”

— H.A.

Service with a smile!

“Sheri goes out of her way to help her clients and get them the best for their money.  I always tell Sheri that she's service with a smile!  Behind that smile is a shrewd businesswoman, however, and expert public relations professional.  Grateful we met her.”

— M.W.

Like going from zero to sixty.

“The pace of our organization is best described as molasses.  When we brought Sheri on board, we got a much needed kick in the you-know-what that was like going from zero to sixty.  Now we're very well positioned to meet our board's aggressive goals.”

— A.S.



Your new right hand is waiting.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Sheri and have a conversation.  You'll be glad you did.