Putting A Fortune 500 Client on the Map


  • Create a branding campaign for a Fortune 500 to increase market share.


  • Develop fictional character to campaign for U.S. President
  • Create media buzz
  • Take the campaign on the road
  • Launch multi-media campaign


  • Drafted strategic plan: branding, positioning, digital
  • Created content:
    • Logo
    • Tagline.
    • Messaging
    • Biography
    • Fact sheets
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Online content  
  • Conducted media/message training for the candidate, spokespersons
  • Leveraged social media
    • Updates for supporters
    • Voters chose VP online
  • Created a cable ad with campaign manager, James Carville
  • Launched with a national reception at National Press Club for 1000
  • Held 12 campaign events around the US
  • Ambushed the media at the 12 events
  • Conducted satellite media tours
  • Tracked media coverage
  • Prepared monthly reports and final report.


  • Client expected 10 million media impressions.
    • More than 100 million media impressions including National Journal, Washington Post, Politico, Time, Newsweek, New York Times, and more.
  • Most successful earned media effort in the 100-year history of the company.
  • Firm named agency of record for the brand.
  • Fictional character runs for president every 4 years.