Renal Physicians Association


  • Increase the number of participants in RPA's Capitol Hill Day.


  • Develop plan to increase participation
  • Revise existing materials to be more appealing
  • Create theme and messages to introduce a new name for RPA's Capitol Hill Day


  • Reviewed current materials
  • Wrote new marketing messaging
  • Developed physician-get-a-physician program
  • Trained physicians via webinar (by phone)
  • Developed script for physicians to use when contacting colleagues
  • Created PPT
  • Provided training
  • Developed marketing email series to be sent to potential participants
  • Created messaging for various audiences to announce new name
  • Developed series of emails to introduce new name
  • Wrote article, blog and blurb announcing name


  • The goal was to increase the number of Capitol Hill Day participants from 60 to the 85. Based on SC's efforts, RPA had 120 participants - the highest number ever.